Better For Retail Sales, Online Or Offline Customer Engagement?

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Convoicia Forbes
Article: Which Is Better For Retail Sales, Online Or Offline Customer Engagement?

Writer: Lisa Arthur
March 12, 2014

February 14, 2015

We have come to a time where there is no longer a need to have a physical location. Marketers have found different approaches to acquire consumers. The new innovative way is to use carts, kiosks, stands, etc. These resources allow for the marketers to be with their specific target group at all times. With the companies not having a physical store decreases the overhead Thus, providing more revenue to put into the company growth.
The article explains the importance of how the consumer buying power has changed. Marketers are starting to realize that consumers are becoming more impulse buyers. This explains the significance of my companies are trying to be more mobile when reaching consumers. The perfect way to allow the consumer to actually see and feel the product as some may need. The consumers’ being able to use kiosks to acquire items is like having the “internet on the run”. Consumers are always in the go and like to have their product readily available. When you are able to satisfy the consumer needs without a physical location is when companies enhance their brand awareness and overall customer experience.
This article explains several different ways on how on-line shopping has improved over the years. I like to use the kiosks, stands, and carts as examples of online resources. I have observed these stands while shopping in the mall. I see they tend to carry what consumers are demanding the most from their company. I have spoke with some of the employees that work these stands and