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Animal Farm

An individual can challenge injustices in society and be a catalyst for change for the better. When an individual gains power to bring about change they can use it in a positive way and try to improve society. However, as shown in the novel Animal Farm an individual can be corrupted with power and use it to their own benefit.

The events that occur in Animal Farm are an allegory for what happen after the Russian revolution when Stalin instead of working to benefit society he set about reinforcing his power and using it for personal gain, Napoleon in Animal Farm is more interested in gaining power and being the only leader of the animals. In order to achieve this he has to get rid of is rival Snowball. He secretly trains dogs to attack Snowball and drive him from the farm; “they dashed straight for Snowball, who only sprang from his place in time to escape their snapping jaws”. Snowball is no longer a threat to Napoleon. Without a rival there is no individual to keep Napoleon in check. He begins to use his power for his own benefit.

As Napoleon and the other pigs gain more and more power over the other animals they begin to become corrupted. Napoleon started to give greater rations to the pigs and himself, he also took more luxuries like the apples and the milk, then he used his trusty companion Squealer to lie to the other animals and say that “it is proven by science that apples and milk help pigs live longer”. By Napoleons actions you can see that he does not care for the wellbeing of the other animals and that he will only look after himself and the other pigs.

After Napoleon used his lethal body guards to chase away his rival Snowball, he decides to continue on with the construction of the windmill. All the animals on the farm pitched in on the building of the windmill determined for the luxuries that Napoleon promised would come after. When the windmill was finally built and all the hardships that went along with it came to an end, Napoleon used the windmill to crush bali so that he could make alcohol for his self and the other pigs, and not use it to supply electricity for the other animals. Not only does this show how Napoleon does not care for the other animals but that he is a selfish, self-obsessed dictator.

After the animals took over…