Betty Marion White: The Greatest Of All Time

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From many of my favorite movies and television series, I present to you the greatest actress of all time, Betty Marion White. Betty Marion White is ninety-six years old, she was born in Oakpark Illinois on January 17, 1922. Her horoscope is a Capricorn. She moved to Los Angeles at the age of two with her parents. I chose Betty White as the person who I call the “GOAT” or in other words “The Greatest of All Time” because she has one of the longest running careers for a woman. At the age of ninety-six she is still acting and her career is most likely not going to slow down anytime soon. She is loved and adored by millions of fans all over the world. I find it amazing that after over fifty years acting, hosting, writing, and living her busy life she is still in the game.
When Betty was in high school she wrote the script for the school play and also played the lead role, and that is when she knew she wanted to perform. She started her career on the radio and in theatre. Her first actual job in her profession she had was a “Phone Girl” on an afternoon television show in Los Angeles, Al Jarvis’s. Betty went to the movie studios to chase her dreams, but sadly they turned her down because she was not photogenic enough. That is what lead her to work on the radio for the first time in 1939.
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That lasted for less than a whole year. Her second husband was Lane Allen; he was a Hollywood Agent. Their marriage only lasted for two years. She married one last time to a man named Allen Ludden. She met him when she was a guest on the game show Password in 1961. He popped the question more than once before she said yes. They were married from 1963 until 1981 when he died from cancer. She has no biological children or grandchildren from any of her marriages. Even though she had no biological children she was a stepmother of Allen Ludden’s three