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Between by Jessica Warman is a novel about a girl named Elizabeth Valchar, known to her friends as Liz, rich, pretty, popular, who wakes up on the night of her eighteenth birthday on the yacht that she and her friends have been celebrating on. She goes and investigates on the persistent thumping noise that had woken her, and finds out that it is her own body, floating lifeless in the ocean. Following her death, she couldn't remember how she died. Bits and pieces of her memory gradually return, everything but the cause of her death. She meets Alex Berg who she remembered died two years ago from a car accident, the only one that was able to see and communicate with her. Although they were both polar opposites, one popular and one not, they were the only company for each other until they were able to move on; both were stuck on earth until they discovered the significance that allowed them to find peace. It was assumed that Liz drowned because she fell off the yacht after drinking, but knowing that she was a good swimmer, she didn't believe it and goes on searching for the truth. To do so, she pieces fragments of her memories together, and she experiences "daydreams" that were memories she relived that were significant to the cause of her death. When she felt that she needed company, Alex placed a hand on her shoulder and they experienced the memory together. Liz frequently let Alex share her memories, but he seldom let her do the same. In the present, she sees the true faces of her friends, who took advantage of her death to steal her belongings rather than grieve. Being on the cross country team at her school, it wasn't abnormal for her to run five to eight miles a day, but as memories of the events leading to her death unraveled, she finds out that she had stopped eating and ran more vigorously than before, contributing to her anorexia. In one of her memories, she had her car taken to a mechanic, Vince Aiello, introduced by her boyfriend Richie after she claims that she hit a parking meter. He soon figures out the real reason her front fender was dented and threatens Liz for…