Essay on Beuty: Advertising and Perfection Influences Customers

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Beauty and the Beast of Advertising describes the sociological process used by advertisers of “Beauty” products to create a market for their products and the impact is has on women. How mass media defines the customer as a beast by exposing characteristics common to all women as flaws and creating an image that women will aspire to achieve. It is important to realize the all people have some self percieved flaw about their life or appearnace. I know I am concerned about losing my hair.

Advertisers create an image of “beauty” of the “ideal” woman by modeling products with on or with the most attractive models they can find. This image of perfection influences customers by creating feeding a dream of becoming more desirable or improving their lives. If they are pretty they can be more pretty, If they are happy they can be more, all they need is that something special the advertiser is happy to provide. The condition is using the products that the advertisements show.

Think about it. Their are commercials in all visual media showing models with perfect bodies, hair and skin. Every women wants perfect bodies, hair and skin. Some wome see themselves as too fat. Others see themselves as to thin. Some are have no tone and some are weak, but all seem to have some problem advertisers can exploit. So extremes in beauty are the norm in advertising. A beautiful face and long shaply legs are the norm anything else is “Beast.” .
Avertisers do not explain why their products better, they "push" people to use the products. Teenagers are especially vulnernable to this type of advertising because they are impise buyers and don’t consider the impact of advertising on their decsion making. Mass marketing shapes the opinions of young buyers.

Mass marketings successful creation of the protoype for beauty has created a demand for products that help people achieve a higher level beauty. If successful mass marketing could create a world in which people would be changed from