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There are about 10,000 moments happening each year in a humans personal lives that are beautiful and simple. Those moments that make you feel most infinite, the ones that draw you back and make you feel so small in the universe but so passionate. How can a person be defined by just one? I have lived in a number of moments, and went on hundreds of adventures, loved more times then a normal human does and in a matter of simply opening a book and creating stories in my head. It took one time to fall in love with words for me to realize I want 1,000,000,000 moments like this always. It was the second day of Freshmen year , After lunch when everyone was winding down and everyone around me was laughing and talking about the upcoming weekend and all I could do was try to delay the time I walk into the English building hallway. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go to class, but summer was still very present and I took my time letting the sun soak in . It still felt like there was just this hint of freedom left over from the summer, and I just wanted to drink it up. Suddenly walking into a hallway filling up with other students got to my classroom opened the door and suddenly had just a tad bit of pain missing the sun. I sat down in my chair and waited to hear the class syllabus . My teacher started naming what we would be doing in the upcoming year and one of the writers we would study pretty much like religion was Shakespeare. Simple mindedly I signed the bottom not really paying attention like every other teenager in the room, and class dragged on finally ending at 2:15 sharp. The rest of the year carried on this way , like it had every year before that and nothing really happened , at least nothing happened I ever really saw as important. School has always been that way for me my head has never been in the right place , weather it was being late or not showing up at all it was always like my mind could never be satisfied with everyday thing like the rest of the people around me. I wasn’t a sponge as a kid that soaked up learning and subjects easily, I was my own personal brick wall. I walked around for the first semester of Freshmen year in my normal daze, living in a day dream thinking of random things . Things people took for granted small simple gestures that mean the world to me and pennies to everyone else. Until one day I walked into the English building hallways and took my normal delayed route the long way so I could soak up more sun, finally I reached the building and my classroom. I walked in and a book was laying on every desk, I sat down in my usual spot and looked down. “Romeo and Juliet”, by William Shakespeare, little did I know that would be the moment that would lead to much more moments. The first time I read the line “Is love a tender thing? It is too rough, Too rude, too boisterous, and it pricks like thorn.” something struck inside of me, like