Bhopal Case Study Essay

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Bhopal Case Study:
3rd December 1984
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India
Union Carbide Corporation- pesticide factory
Methyl isocyante was released into the atmosphere following an explosion due to a valve exploding under pressure within a storage tank. The storage tank was around 200 degrees Celsius before the explosion. The temperature and pressure inside the tank increased because water leaked into the tank causing an exothermic reaction.
Explosion of 42 tonnes of methyl isocyante
Why? There were a number of factors that were blamed for the leak and consequences:
1. Location next to poor residential areas meaning large population affected
2. Poor plant maintenance
3. Lack of skilled operators
4. Poorly trained management
5. Reduction in safety management and guidelines
6. Safety alarms didn’t work
7. There was only one manual back up system
8. Refrigeration system was turned off
9. Water cooling system didn’t have enough pressure
3,000 it is an estimate as the government have no idea due to being situated next to shanti towns. Healthcare system became immediately overloaded
100,000 people suffering permanent disabilities
2,000 animals died

Side effects:
Breathless and blind- doctors didn’t know how to treat them as 70% of doctors in the area were under qualified
Miscarriage rate at 7 times the national average
Large cancer rates highest lung cancer rates in men and whilst women have very high rates of breast and cervical cancer rates
Short Term management:
No warning system or