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Rinjin Gurung

January 5th, 2012

Government and Politic
Ancient Rome was a very popular country from legend story.
They created the greatest empire that the world has ever seemed.
Ancient Rome started in 753 B C by twin son of mar name
Romulus and Romus. Romulus was the first king who found in the city of Palatine Hill in 753 B.C. He was raised by she woft.
Ancient Rome was beginning to grow on the Italian Peninsula in
8th century. Today it is located in Italy. Rome end in 200 A.D and the empire. Our modern world were influenced many thing by
Ancient Rome, they invented rules, taxes and help poor people which we do in our world today.

In Roman tax was very important to their society to live their life. Their tax became height, first the normal tax rate under
1% and it become 3%. The taxes against home, land , slave and wealth family. Slave was important to Ancient Rome because they

pay more taxes than or citizen in Roman they pay 4% tax to their government. They collected tax to built new thing that is useful and important, they built aqueduct to bring water into the city. The rich people have to gave status and property.

Julius Caesar was the one who help poor people; he was born in July 13th 100 B.C in Rome. He was Roman general who wrote book in Latin prose and he plays many role during the Roman republics. He order marshland to poor people to used for farm and arranged for other to get land In Rome. He also invented a new calendar that is called Julian calendar that is same as we used to today. In addition rules or laws was very important to Ancient
Rome to controlled people because rules make a good society if