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Open High School


Stage 5 / Stage 6
Beginning Indonesian Level 1

Booklet 2 – Keluarga Saya

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In Booklet 2 you will learn how to:
 talk about yourself and your family
 address others politely
 count from eleven into the millions
 talk about other countries and peoples
 talk about clothes
 ask others questions about all of the above.
You will also learn more about:
 how the Indonesian language works
 the Indonesian national language and its origins
 the ethnic groups which make up Indonesia
 the traditional costumes and national dress of Indonesia.

Booklet 2 – Keluarga Saya Coursebook


Part of the family

Within a few days of their arrival Nick and Wendy had discovered that
Indonesians, in general, are very friendly. They also seemed to be very curious. They wanted to know all about the two Australians and their families. At first Wendy and Nick were a bit overwhelmed by all the attention they received. The many questions they were asked were certainly more direct than they sometimes expected. But as time went by they came to realise that it was not curiosity which inspired the questions, but simply a desire to get to know the two newcomers and make them feel welcome.
Indonesians enjoy being surrounded by friends and family, so they wanted to make Nick and Wendy feel part of the family. It wasn’t long before
Wendy and Nick were able to answer all the most common questions about themselves and their families in Indonesian. Listen to this conversation between Nick and Lutfi, a boy Nick meets at the bus-stop.

Booklet 2 – Keluarga Saya Coursebook


Listen to Dialogue 1 on Track 030. Follow the written version below at the same time.
Dialogue 1

Kenalkan, nama saya Lutfi. Siapa nama saudara?
Nama saya Nick.
Nick berasal dari mana?
Saya berasal dari Australia. Apakah Lutfi dari
Tidak. Saya berasal dari Yogyakarta, tetapi keluarga saya tinggal di Jakarta sekarang.
Saya harus ke sekolah sekarang Lutfi. Sampai jumpa lagi, ya.
Sampai jumpa lagi.

Dengarkanlah dan ulangilah!
Listen to the second reading of Dialogue 1 on Track 031. Repeat in the pauses provided.

Booklet 2 – Keluarga Saya Coursebook


Dengarkanlah dan ulangilah!
Listen to the new vocabulary from Dialogue 1 on Track 032. Repeat in the pauses provided. Add the new words to your dictionary and memorise them.


who (a question-word used exclusively to ask about people). For example: Siapa ini? Who is this?
Siapa nama saudara? What is your name? (Indonesians ask who is your name rather than what is your name)


you (Saudara is a polite form of ‘you’ used among young adults, but is not so common nowadays. Anda is now often used when strangers meet, but once a relationship is established another form of ‘you’ is used. Kamu is used between young people and family members. All these words mean ‘your’ when following a noun.)


to originate, come from



dari mana

from where