Business Impact Analysis Example

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Business Impact Analysis

1 Introduction 3
1.1 Purpose 3
2 System Information 3
2.1 Points of Contact 3
2.2 System Resources 4
2.3 Critical Contacts and Resources 4
2.4 Disruption Impact 4
2.5 Resource Recovery Priority 4
Appendix A: Business Impact Analysis Approval 5

1 Introduction
1.1 Purpose
The Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is an essential step in the development of a contingency/disaster recovery plan. The Purpose of this Impact Analysis is to determine the business impact that an incident will have on business operations and the amount of downtown the network may experience. Also we will define the critical business processes of an organization and relating to them specify possible threats which occur due to interdependence, resource unavailability as well as other effects which may disrupt the daily business and determine their impact on the same if such should take place.

2 System Informations
Date:<Enter date BIA completed>
Point of Contact (POC): <Enter BIA POC>

Organization:<Enter Organization>
System Name: <Enter name>
System Manager: <Enter manager>
System Description: <Enter description>
2.1 Points of Contact
Internal Contacts

Director, DLA Information Operations (J6) and Chief Information Officer
Primary IT personal for the entire organization
Deputy Director, DLA Information Operations (J6)
Deputy General Counsel
Chief of Staff, Defense Logistics Agency
Will report any information that is important to the Director of DLA
J6 of DLIS
Network Admin
System Admin
Service Desk

External Contacts
Vendors, we need to make sure our primary vendors are up to date on anything that may affect their business with us.
Customers, we need to keep our customers up to date on anything that may affect their information,
2.2 System Resources

Desktop PC’s (Will have to verify the amount of machines)
Servers (Will have to verify the amount and locations on each)
Switches(Will have to verify the amount and locations on each)
Printers (1-2 Printers needed to maintain a working Environment)

2.3 Critical Contacts and Resources

Critical Contacts/Roles
Critical Resources
IT Staff
Setting up systems
Verifying systems are online

DLIS management needs to involved in the critical portion of the BIA, they will help with transitions and leadership.
2.4 Disruption Impact

Outage Impact
Allowable Outage
Personal unable to access website
<24 hours
DLIS Database
Personnel unable to