Bias and Professional Behaviour Essay

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It doesn’t matter if you work for yourself or a boss, there are expectations that you will be professional in the course of business.
But what is professional behaviour?
Most people would probably find it easier to tell you what being unprofessional is, giving examples of unprofessional people they have dealt with in the past. However, it is much easier and more positive to know what to do than not to do. Thus, some major aspects of professional behaviour are listed below:
Respect for others
Showing others respect is the basis of all professional behaviour. It includes:
§ Being courteous and having good manners
§ Being punctual
§ Keeping confidential details confidential
§ Being fair in all dealings
§ Keeping personal opinions of people private
§ Doing what needs to be done, not leaving it for others to do
§ Acceptance of constructive criticism
§ Being fair and gentle when giving feedback
§ Dealing with sensitive issues privately
§ Make allowances for other’s mistakes
§ Listen to others
§ Apologise for any errors or misunderstandings
§ Speak clearly and in language others can easily understand
Responsibility and integrity
This is where you must take care of yourself and present yourself in order to gain others’ trust and respect.
All professionals need to take responsibility for themselves and their work. They need to consider consequences and the impact on others.
§ Honesty is crucial – avoid even the smallest of lies at all costs
§ If you commit to something, then follow through with it
§ If you are delayed, let the other person know as soon as possible
§ Always be respectful about competing businesses/people – point out your benefits rather than their faults
§ Be prepared before meetings and when presenting reports and the like
§ Ensure you have made yourself clear to avoid any…