Bias in Textbooks: Psychology Proposal Essay

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Psychology 1
Andre Lawrence
Jacqueline Arbid
In today’s culture with the rapid growth of technology textbooks in the classroom are no longer able to satisfy the classroom with their outdated material. What is the need for an overpriced textbook that a professor requires for a class, tells you to study chapter one and then quizzes you based on their opinion of the readings? When textbooks first originated they were written mainly by educated white then and the classroom was wealthy white men, therefore they understood the context of the way it was written. Nowadays the classroom is filled with male, females, various ages, and various ethnicities, and all are told to read the textbook written by a well-educated white male. You have to admit there is a bias. With that said, a male is trained to be the primary care takers of his dependents and a female is trained to be nurturing and care for the family members. With establishing these different mindsets that society has put upon or taught each gender, each gender is still expected to sit in the same class room, read the same material and process the readings the same way? How is this possible? This leaves male and females leading there education in different directions but wanting the same outcome; to pass the class. Many students either have a collective or individualist mind, a collective mind see’s its self as part of a group and accept the reality of the group, whereas a individualist acts on there own sense of what there reality is. This leads to how they process there ideas on the critical thinking level. In a classroom setting being collective can be harmful because nowadays everyone has their own if not strong opinion on a topic, for it to work in a classroom setting everyone needs to agree on the topic and sync in harmony. The issue lies in the facts that students are required to buy expensive text books and are told to follow guideline and have been trained to do so since as long