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The book of Numbers is of the law genre and narrative genre. It is a travelogue. It explains the journey of moving through the desert, sin and punishment. God instructed Moses to count the number of Israelites as they were preparing to move to the Promised Land. The Numbers book is confusing and difficult to read although it had a purpose for the original audience. It not only gave a number of men who were able to go to war, it also allowed insight on how to divide the land. The Israelites had trouble following the new guidelines set forth by God. Moses stepped in and spoke for his people. Because of this, God showed mercy on them. God gave redemption and curse. It was his way of showing the seriousness of His claims. Moses sent ahead twelve men, one from each tribe. The came back with information and fruit. The land was everything God had promised. A second census was done by Moses. This was done to show that God had sustained them through the good and bad times. Joshua was appointed to follow Moses as the leader because he was not allowed to enter. He disobeyed God by striking the rock with his staff and was punished.


The book of Joshua is a narrative genre. It was written to know that God will reward obeisance. It also shows the entrance and conquest of the Promise Land. Joshua was to lead the people into the land. He was reminded by God to obey the Book of the Law. He sent two “spies” in to gain more information. There, they encountered Rehab who helped them escape She was a Canaanite and asked to be spared and was so because she and her family accepted God and His faith. The people crossed the Jordan River to enter the land. The battle of Jericho was first and one of the strongest cities. God fought this battle for His people. Ali was next. It took nearly five years to gain control of the entire Promised Land. After some time, God directed the division of the land. Joshua then gathered the leaders and the people to remind them that God had brought them to the land and given it to them. He also reminded them that they should always the law of God.


The book of Ruth is of the narrative genre. The purpose of this book is to show love and faithfulness that God wants for us. Redemption is the underlying theme. During a period of famine, Elimilich and his wife Naomi took their family to Moab to find a better life. While there he dies and so does his sons. The Moabite widows of the sons and the mother had a decision to make. Naomi decided to go back to Bethlehem where she had family. She encouraged the young women to turn back to their homes. One did but Ruth refused. She chose to show her love, adopt her God and continue with her. Once back, Ruth began to glean Boaz’s field, a wealthy relative of Naomi. He becomes increasingly nice to her and fond of her. He was their “kinsmen redeemer” which is a relative that is responsible for marrying the widow of the deceased relative. But there was one closer. He made a deal with the relative and was able to marry Ruth. They had a son. They were the great-grandparents of David.


The book of Job is of the wisdom genre. This book shows how God’s supremacy and faithfulness during a time of hardship.…