Bible and Faith Essay

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Bible Essay Christians are being justified by faith everyday. We as christians are being justified by faith. We rely on God and trust Him so we are justified. People in the Bible have also been justified by faith. The people in the Bible had a lot more faith and trust in God than we do and they showed their devotion to Him by how they acted and they also were very open about worshipping and fearing God in order to gain Justification. Some examples are Noah in the Old Testament and The Israelites in Egypt. In this essay I will talk about how we can be justified by our faith in God. I will also talk about how the people in the Bible were justified by their faith and how they were miraculously protected by God. In the Old Testament there are some people who showed how commited they were to God. Through their commitment they were justified and protected by God. One example of justification by faith is Noah and his family. Noah believed God when He told him that there was gonna be a huge storm and flood would engulf the earth. He still did what God told him to do despite the oppositon against what God said. For God to say that it was going to rain and the flood would consume the earth was compleltely ridiculous. Where Noah lived it was to dry for it to rain and even have a flood for that matter. That’s why nobody listened to Noah when he said the earth would flood. Despite the peoples choices Noah put himself and his family on the boat and was saved (Justified by faith) and protected because he listened to God. The second example of Justification by faith is the Israelites listening to God when he said the Angel of Death would pass over Egypt. The Israelites were justified by their faith when the Angel of Death passed over Egypt. The Angel of Death judged everyone who didn’t cover their doorways in the blood of a lamb.