Bible and Monotheistic Faiths Essay

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How are the basic beliefs of your faith similar to the other monotheistic faiths?

What is the holy book of your faith and how does it compare to others?

What types of internal differences and divisions exist within your faith?

What is your perspective or feelings about the other monotheistic faiths?


1. if i say myself we all started from the same family and had a lot of the same up bringing. some says I’m the founder of my religion, i taught my followers how to live through the ten commandments, all of us have a book like this with different but similar meanings

2. my book is the torah. another name the five books of the Christians bibles old testament, which includes the histories and revelations after the ones i received on Mount Sinai.

3. a few of my sects are Reform, and Conservative Orthodox, like the hassidism

4. i don’t believe that gods son has even been born yet so you could see why i don’t appreciate the other religions


1. they all have a lot of the same beginnings same people there four the greater good and to help unite us all as god sees it

2. my book is the bible. it has the Hebrew Bible and the new testament in it.

3. we have many different types of sects. the main ones are catholic protestant and eastern orthodox

4. i think we have a lot of the same goals in mind but we carry them out in different ways.


1. we all believe in one god.

2. my book is the qur’an. i think its the literal word of god