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I believe that the Bible should be taught without imprinting opinions and by a person who is neither an atheist, nor a staunch believer. People have their own opinions and beliefs, and it is up to them to determine what they want. In a CBS News article it states “It is not so much whether to teach the Bible in public schools, but how and by whom”. I agree. If you are being taught by a strongly religious person, they will tell you God does exist, and everything in the Bible is true. Or perhaps being taught by an atheist, they will tell you that God does not exist, and people are just trying to make the story fit for the miraculous events that happened in history. Neither of those are an appropriate teaching environment. For an effective and appropriate teaching environment, you must find a curious person who neither agrees nor disagrees with the Bible. Also stated in CBS News is that “The Bible has been copied, translated and interpreted in thousands of ways for thousands of years by religious geniuses”. So it seems foolish to believe everything the Bible says when the meanings have been manipulated many times. However, the Bible is not a book to just read, “The Bible influenced laws, morals, politics, and other literature such as art” stated in Washington Times. It stills influences our culture today, in music, the way we talk, etc... You cannot lightly talk about the Bible as if it were a picture book with no words; it must be elaborated on and analyzed. The way you were…