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Harsh Patel
According to Bible “everything happens for a reason”. If we take this sentence as positively, it turns out good for colonization. Colonization didn’t only bring world together, but it also changed life of local community which was not developed and struggling to come from their issues. In late 14th century, when European found the giant Greenland (America) with all resources, they show the way that can help them to extend their power. In the other side, the native Indian who was living in America was uncivilized community. They were considered as woodman according to European people. The Native Indian believed in nature, so they believed in surviving in nature instead of finding way to develop themselves by destroying the nature. They were highly depending on hunting animal for food instead of growing food. Similar to the Native American, African community was also undeveloped when European entered in the Africa. However, African community was little more developed than American Indian community because Africa was connected with Europe and Asia’s developed nation. African community was depending on growing food. They were living in small villages in big group of people. African people also developed some laws to protect people, and built relations with surrounding villages for village protection different trades. In the movie “Black Robe”, the French started trade with American Indian with small tools for leather, and many other resources. Their goal was to earn maximum wealth from trading with native Indian. In the book “things fall apart”, the English entered in Africa with similar goal, but they had more to trade with African people. Even Church was more aggressive in Africa than they were in America. Church built great relationship with local people to convert African people. In both continents, church played middle role between local community and European emperors. After colonized the Africa, European built schools, hospitals, and roads to develop the land, but in early 19th century, their uneven trade policy throw local African and American people in poverty. In story “Old chief Mshlanga”, the African People became slave in their own country. There were many cons and pro for colonization.

One of the advantages of colonization was they brought great religion that educate local people about real life. In the movie “Black Robe”, the church tried to teach local reading and writing, so they can not only understand the Christian books, but they can also communicate other people and become a part of the world. When Black Robe, and Denial went to inside in forest with Native American, Black Robe show the writing and reading techniques to the Native American. Black Robe Tried to increase Native American to learn about European culture which could be good for Native American. Mr. Brown, in Africa did similar activities to increase local community moron. Under Mr. Brown handling, Church built schools and hospitals for local community. Mr. Brown wanted to educate local people, so could fight against English laws. In beginning of colonization, African people were scared to lose their faith, or religion, so they were trying to avoid church. However, after solving many local community’s issues, many people started to convert in Christianity. For instance, the church accepted the sick people who were thrown in evil forest for their sickness. After successfully keep the people live, many clan’s people started to believe the church path. Church also changed clan’s many rituals that were against human society. African people were throwing twins born baby in forest. They believed that twin’s born baby is unlucky for human society. Church changed this ritual by accepting the babies. American and African community had changed after converting in Christianity.
European emperor also changed both continents positively. European government started to trade with American Indian with providing them different tools, and