Essay Bible Study For December 1

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Bible Test

Name: ______________________________ Date: __________________

1. What were the names of the three disciples on the Mount of Transfiguration with
Jesus? _____________________________________________________________

2. In what book of the bible do you find the burning bush? _____________________
3. Who was the wife of Boaz? ____________________________________________
4. How many chapters are there in Jude?___________________________________
5. Who was the thirteenth apostle? _______________________________________
6. Who was the first evangelist of the Church Of God? ________________________
7. What was Jesus second cousin name? ___________________________________
8. How many places in the bible can the name of God church be found?___________
9. I am the one who wrote the twenty first epistle to the church?
a. Moses
b. Peter
c. Jesus
d. None of the above
10. Which of the major prophets was sawed asunder with a wooden saw?
a. Daniel
b. Malachi
c. Isaiah
d. Amos 11. Who was the father of Nathanael, the friend of David?
a. Abraham
b. King Ahaz
c. King Saul
d. King Solomon
12. Which King married two widow?
a. King Saul
b. King Agrippa
c. King David
d. None of the above
13. Who was the man that married Ruth? __________________________________________

14. I said “if I perish, I perish, I’m going to see the King?________________________________

15. Who was