Bible in an Hour Summary Paper

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Bible in an Hour Summary The Bible in an Hour by Wade Butler splits the Bible up with four different charts. They all cover different parts of the bible. The first chart depicts the whole Bible from beginning to end. Charts two and three covers the themes of the Old Testament. Chart four covers the New Testament. In chart one, the narrator starts off with talking about the infinity sign. It is very important when talking about the Bible and God. Infinity means that God creates time and all who inhabits time out of infinity. The infinity image is there before the creation of the world. There is also three interlocking circles on the chart. They represent the three symbols of God; the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit. The narrator …show more content…
The twelve sons created the twelve tribes os Israel. Joseph was Jacob’s favorite son. He is known as the son who got the colored coat. The other brothers got jealous and they sold Joseph to slavery. In the end of his story, he ended up saving his family from starvation and they migrated to Egypt. Chart two was all about God’s promise to Abram. There’s the Abraham, Isaac and then Jacob. You can see the twelve sons and their path around the fertile crescent. God’s people were held by the pharaoh and he wouldn’t let them go. The Pharaoh knew that one of God’s descendants was a first born son so he had them all killed. Moses grew up in the palace because he was saved by a princess. Moses killed a man and he ran away. He was a fugitive in the desert but God spoke to him as a bush on fire. Moses went back to Egypt to save God’s people. God sent ten disasters such as covering the land with frogs, turning the Nile into blood, sending locust. The final disaster he sent was a sickness that killed all of the first born. This was the Angel of Death. Passover came from this last disaster. The people would put lamb’s blood around their doors and the Angel of Death would skip that house. The Pharaoh let the people go. Moses parted the Red Sea for God’s people. They traveled to Mount Sinai where they were given the ten commandments. The covenant was created and the contract was written on stone. The people were punished for worshipping a golden calf. They wondered the