Biblical Foundations of Leadership Essay

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Biblical Foundations of Leadership


Joseph De Jesus
January 25, 2015

Abstract Reviewing Leadership: a Christian evaluation of current approaches is a summary of academic approaches and experiences. Banks and Ledbetter begin the book by highlighting the growing interest in leadership and the difference between leadership and management. The authors make a point about the issue of values, which is a necessary component when discussing the topic of leadership. Banks and Ledbetter state “the crisis that exists in leadership today
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Chapter two is the only chapter where scripture is used and it is used to write about Paul. How can we talk about leadership within a Christian context and not highlight the teachings of Christ? Banks and Ledbetter state that “Jesus’ life was not as strategized or as organized as people tend to think.”6 He ignores Matthew 24:1-44 where Jesus instructs His disciples on how to prepare for the future and what they could expect to endure. Jesus charts their course into the future. He gives His disciples both direction and hope. In John 14:1-31, Jesus reminded his disciples that He would prepare a place for them and He was preparing them for a place. He even laid out plans for the Holy Spirit to finish the work He had begun. Banks and Ledbetter seemed to focus on outside sources rather than Bile as the source of our leadership.

Action As a result of reading Reviewing Leadership my first action step is to evaluate my own leadership calling, skills and abilities. Introspective evaluation is very important in that it allows a leader to come to terms with their flaws and shortcomings. Evaluation also allows a leader to see his strengths and gives him or her encouragement to build upon them. One area where I need to evaluate is in the area of how I define success. Most leaders or Pastors tend to define success by the numbers game. If you are leading a growing ministry, finances are doing well, people are