Final Summary On Why People Don T Study The Bible

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Final Summary Paper
Debra Simpson
Crown College
Methods of Bible Study
BIB 134
Lisa Korthals
July 13, 2012

Final Summary Paper
This class taught me a lot on how to read and understand the Bible better. I know people have a hard time studying the Bible and understanding how to break down things in the Bible to understand and study it better. The Living By The Book helped a lot on this understanding and I will be sharing this with friends I know who are having a hard time understanding how to study the Bible and break down understanding of it. It will benefit them and help them like it did me.
One of the key points I learned for the 1st week was Why People Don’t Study The Bible. Main thing is people don’t know how. It is hard to just pick up a Bible and just start reading and not understand what you are reading. This section of the book really showed and taught me how to better understand and know how to read the Bible and get what I am reading. People need to be taught to understand what they are reading to better interpret what they are reading. Now that I know how to read the Bible the correct way, now and in the future I can read it and understand what I am reading and apply it to my life on a daily basis with better understanding. The next thing was Why Study The Bible. I learned through this section that we need to study the Bible in order to dig into God’s word and mature from the books words. We cannot mature in our faith without the word of God.
From the 2nd week I learned how to observe for things that are emphasized in the Bible. The parts that are emphasized are huge key important things in the Bible. Before this course I did not realize how important reading the text and finding emphasis helps to understand what you are reading. For now and future reading of the text I enjoy reading the Bible more with finding things that are emphasized that can be related and applied to my life. I learned how to relate words in the text. How it is important to connect the big picture with the details in the text. I learned how to read the text and find where I had a question about what I was reading and think about the question and how to find the answers. The part of our textbook Chapter 23, Things That Are True To Life goes back to relating. The Bible was written by people long, long ago but what is written in the Bible is truth. We all can relate to stories in the Bible to our own lives. This is the main key that I find exciting about the Bible. I read the stories and I am think “Wow this really applies to me as well.” Knowing this if I am going through something in my life, someone from the Bible went through this same exact thing and I can look up how to apply the outcome of their story from the Bible to my own life and how to handle it. The chart we did in week 2 has really helped me with when I read and study the Bible. Learning to use the chart with Bible study has been a huge help for me. When I study the Bible I have a few charts I have applied this to and broke down with the chart on what I am reading to better understand. This is defiantly something I will always be using when I study the Bible.
In week 3 reading two different translations of the Bible have opened my eyes to a whole new way of studying the Bible. I have always stuck to NIV and this particular week of reading Colossians with NIV and ESV opened up a whole new way of studying the Bible with different translations. Same meaning just said in different ways. My goal is to read all the different translations of the Bible each year. The