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BT 1110 SEC 3 (NIGHT)




Sin is the moral deviation and distortion in human beings which is offensive to God. Sin is found in individuals, tribes and nations in the Old Testament. Sin originated from the failure of Adam and Eve in obeying gods instruction of not eating from the tree in the middle of the garden Gen.3-3 “you must not eat from the tree in the middle”. By doing this man had the knowledge of good and evil and thus sin was introduced into the world.

Sin is seen in almost all part of the Bible. In Genesis 3-23 God kicked Adam and Eve from the garden; thus separating them from God. This separation made man to move even far away from god and what he expects from us.

In the book of 1 Kings 16-29, we see that the theme of sin is wide even in the leadership of god’s chosen nation Israel. King Ahab’s failures to obey god and his commandments led to god punishing him and his sons in the war with death. God used Elijah to try to warn him of the consequences. God also revealed himself when he led them to victory in the battle (1st Kings 20-13).

The Ten Commandments came in to repair the relationship between man and God. These laws were supposed toguide the people to avoid sinning. The Old Testament is used in almost all the books of the Old Testament indicating that sin was a major concern to god and his representatives on earth.

Walton and Hill said “sin had escalated in the next generation” that…