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Bibliography-Draft 1
Sarah Hartwell rote her article in 1998 to described about the emotional significance a animal plays in your life. Hartwell talks about the feelings someone goes threw when they have to put the animal down (euthanasia it). She goes into detail on different way they can kill the animal and what is the safest and gentlest way. Step by step Hartwell answers basic questions that go threw animal owners minds when owning their animal.
I could not find any personal information on the writer Sarah Hartwell.
The American Human Association for Animals wrote an article online in 2011 describing the euthanasia of animals in animal shelters. They based their research on statistics and surveys. Out of the whole United States only 1,000 animal shelters responded to the surveys. The surveys showed how many animals were handled and then killed by euthanasia. “These animals may have been killed because of overcrowding, but may also have been sick or suffering from something else.” (American Humane Association). The human association for animals also gave practical solutions for decreasing the number of animals killed by euthanasia.
The American Humane Association for Animals is an organization that tries to make a difference everyday to improve the lives of pets. They do their best to stop animal abuse and neglect. This association was established in the late 1800s.
Jonelle Davis writes an article in 2009 about the rates rising of the euthanasia of animals in animal shelters. She explains how people in the community are voicing out and trying to find homes for the animals that are “past their 72 hour holding time” (Davis). Davis thinks she knows why there is an increase in number of animals that are now in animal shelters. She thinks that the reason the number has increased is because of our economy. People cant afford animals anymore so they are abandoning them. She describes how the shelters are organized and how over crowded they are in Rockingham county. She says that even calling this place a shelter is a ice name for it.
Jonelle Davis went to college at UNC- Chapel Hill. She previously worked at the Danville Register & Bee in Danville, Va., covering cops, courts and city government. She covers higher education for the News & Record.
USA TODAY wrote an article in 2012 receiving many peoples opinions of what they think is right about the euthanasia of animals for population control. USA TODAY based their research on statistics and peoples opinions. They did not put their input into the article they just