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The role of marketing
Task 3 – M1
We will be looking at comparing the marketing techniques used in marketing products in Apple and Newcastle United football club.

The first one is branding, branding is a very important part of marketing because this tells the consumers who owns what and helps them to identify which one they want and which one is better, most of the brands will have certain things which makes them noticeable, it could be anything like Logo, design or the slogan. For example Apples logo is a picture of an apple. NUFC and Apple takes branding very seriously because branding sometimes can be the importance between the successes of the business or not.
Out of the two companies I think Apple take’s branding much more important than Newcastle united because consumers recognise Apple by their logo most of the times for example when you go shopping at curry’s for example if you see the apple sign you now know instantly that the creators of the accessories are apple, they designed their logo very simple and eye catching. I think apple is more important as they sell much more products and need to be well known as Newcastle united are mostly a service as they are a football team. On the other hand Newcastle united also focus on brand just as much as apple consumers will know as it is Newcastle united when they see it because it very noticeable they use Newcastle united in the logo and also shows the black and white flag which Newcastle united always stripped with. None of these companies really have a slogan.
NUFC is doing a really good job with relationship marketing as they are developing strong connections with customers by providing them with information directly suited to their needs and interests and by promoting open communication. This approach often results in increased word-of-mouth activity, repeat business and a willingness on the customer’s part to provide information to the organization. By doing this means that Newcastle United football club gets the customers they need day in day out by using this technique. Keeping loyalty to the fans and giving the fans discounts will make them happy and will want to go to watch the football more often. While Apple on the other hand do keep loyalty with the customers in a different way as Apple's products complement and complete each other. For example buy an iPod, and you can download music via iTunes. For the average user, most Mac programs are produced by Apple. This sort of control over the entire user process, from hardware to software, strengthens customer loyalty. Apple users generally don't have to stray to find products and solutions they want.
Newcastle united use Ansoff’s Matrix by using the less dangerous strategy and sell the Products that they know will defiantly sell like football tickets and clothes products like football tops as the owner knows that these type of products will definitely sell as these products are favored to many people who like to either watch football or like to show people where they are from or who they support.While Apple on the other hand use both type of strategies to do with Ansoff’s Matrix as they sell the products that they have sold before many of items