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CSG1132 Communicating in an IT Environment

Assignment 1b – Annotated Bibliography

Student Name: YUQIAN CHEN

Student Number: 60006451

Lecturer: Donald McDermid

Time: 29/7/2012

Bibliography 01 (Book) 1

Bibliography 02 (Peer reviewed journal article) 2

Bibliography 03 (Peer reviewed journal article) 3

Bibliography 04 (Public domain web site) 4

Bibliography 05 (Public domain web site) 5
Bibliographic information
|Type of publication |Book |
|Author/s: |Gautam Shroff |
|Title: |Enterprise Cloud Computing : Technology, Architecture, Applications |
|Journal title: |N/a |
|Volume no. |N/a |Issue no.: |N/a |Page nos.: |291 |
|Date of publication: |14/10/2010 |Date retrieved: |29/7/2012 |
|URL: |N/a |
|Publisher: |Cambridge University Press |
|Website name: |N/a |
|Place of publication: |Cambridge, MA |
|In text reference |(Shroff, 2010) |
|Bibliographic reference ( end text reference using the ECU Referencing Guide) |
| |
|Shroff, G. (2010). Enterprise Cloud Computing: Technology, Architecture, Applications. |
|Cambridge, MA: Cambridge University Press. |
|Summary of reference |
| |
|In chapter 6.1.1, author through calculating the costs of "extra-large' server on the Amazon EC2 cloud and an equivalent |
|in-house infrastructure to demonstrates that to what extent cloud computing is cheaper than using equivalent in-house |
|infrastructure running within an enterprise data center. |
|Relevance to your research |
| |
|This research provides the one of the benefits of using the cloud over a more traditional approach that involves the client |
|setting up their own website and database - cheap, which is the client want in the case study. |

Bibliographic information
|Type of publication |Journal |
|Author/s: |Rob Cater |
|Title: |Is cloud storage right for your organization?