Essay on Bicycle Accomodations

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Bicycle Accommodations
Bobbi-Jayne Hensley
POL 201: American National Government
Instructor: Kimminau
February 11, 2013

Bicycle Accommodations
It is said in our book, federalism is the division and sharing of power between the national government and the states (Levin-Walman, 2012). Balancing the power between the two levels of government, Federal and State, has created some of the most agonizing disputations in American history. Federalism is one of the most important originating principles in the founding of the United States. Public transportation and its accommodations have raised issues for many years.
United States Department of Transportation Policy on bicycle and pedestrian accommodation regulations request support for the development of fully integrated active transportation networks. Signed on March 10, 2010 and presented on March 15, 2010, this policy argues that “The establishment of well-connected walking and bicycling networks is an important component for livable communities, and their design should be a part of Federal-aid project developments” (US Department of Highway and Transportation, 2010).
This policy argues that allowing pathways for walking or biking will promote more livable, family-friendly communities, promote physical activities, and reduce the use of fuel, by incorporating safe and convenient walking and bicycling facilities. “The investment in bicycle facilities and walking networks can help meet goals for cleaner, healthier air; less congested roadways; and more livable, safe, cost-efficient communities. Transportation programs and facilities should accommodate people of all ages and abilities, including people too young to drive, people who cannot drive, and people who choose not to drive” (US Department of Highway and Transportation, 2010).
There are many pros, and cons to this policy. Weather being an issue. The government talks about funding to remove snow, but this raises concerns to promoting such projects that could only be used in weather permitting conditions. Take into consideration snow beyond a few inches could cause less accessibility for those who are handicapped, or using a bicycle to commute. Not only does this make it less accessible, but the safety conditions pose problems as well. In weather conditions, as well as automotive versus pedestrian situations, laws adjusting to making sure that pedestrians of such facilities have their equal rights in the system, is also an ongoing issue.
Some argue that the federal government has a responsibility to ensure that federal funds are used in the most adequate and conducive manner possible in order to advocate interest in expanding national economic growth and protecting the environment. In return, granting states on-going flexibility in the use of federal funds moderates the federal government’s capacity to guarantee that national needs are accommodated. Still others have