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In the beginning, let there be light…

We obviously know that our universe exists...I mean who doesn’t? Except no one really knows how it began. According to statistics, the model theory is what people nowadays call the ‘Big Bang’. Scientist believes that the universe was formed from a colossal explosion approximately about 13cmillion years ago because that’s how old the stars are. Facing the Big bang everything was crowded into a tiny area, so tiny that it was even smaller than the nucleus of an atom! This point which was extremely hot was named the singularity. It was then released in a great explosion; the explosion was so powerful that all the matter in the singularity was rocketed into an area much larger than a galaxy. This all happened in less than a fraction!

So how did it happen?

Well now you are aware of how the universe came to existence... so let’s talk about how it happened! So we know that the big bang was an indescribable explosion of energy that sent particles’ soaring in every direction...blah blah blah... except, how did that happen? A Process called inflation meant that it grew from an extremely small miniscule particle, to a spot much larger than the Milky Way in just under a second. Amazing! At that moment it started to cool down into a lake of atomic particles.

As the atomic fire ball cooled down, it began to inflate, transforming it into a foggy cloud of matter. It was impossible for light to travel through it as it was extremely dense! Unstable, energetic atomic particles, began to
Bundle together within the first three minutes. This