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Recently I have discovered some really disturbing news on the topic of sex offenders from the website, this news was that the map of sex offenders looked more like a 7/11 map due to the fact that there’s basically tons of these creepy people living so close. They all seem to be clumped together I find it strange. My finding have also been that they are all very different looking like you cant really profile the people to look the same as you could do with drug dealers or others. I find it very disturbing as well that they live so close I could not click on my negbhiood on the map provided but I’m not sure that I would want to. I don’t want to see one of them as my nebior I would feel very strange and creped out by it. Its surprising to me the sex offends live very close to some schools witch I would not think they would be aloud to live close to school due to the amount of kid traffic in that area. I found it surprising that there were 323 offenders in Sarasota that number seems very high I must just not have realized that these people weren’t in jail for life. I am very surprised it looks like they all live very close to each other I find that crazy. I looked it up in the text book and found out about “Group, which is a set of two or more people who share common identity, interact regularly, and have shared expectations (roles), and function in their mutually agreed upon roles. Most people use the word, "group" differently from the sociological