Big Counter Arguments Against LGBT Equal Rights

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LGBT Rights Debate Essay
LGBT equal rights has been an issue for years now, but it’s just now becoming a more popular issue. LGBT equal rights means that lesbian, gay, bixesual, and transgender people should be able to have equal rights as anyone else. This is a very popular issue that is very controversial because of a really big counter argument which is religion and the discrimination that the LGBT community faces.
A big reason why the LGBT community should have rights is because of discrimination against them. By discrimination I mean getting fired or not even hired, or not getting custody of a child, getting assaulted, getting harassed, not getting services at a restaurant or a store, or even being turned down a house. Here are some stories on people getting discriminated against or assaulted. David Wiegand wanted custody of his child because the environment that his son was living in wasn’t suitable for a child to live in. The child’s stepfather was a convicted felon and he struggled with a drug and
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That type of environment isn't right for a child to live in, and you would think that the court would let the father have custody of his child since there is a chance that the child could be in danger but even though all of that was happening Weigand was still denied custody of the child because of the fact that he was gay. Mary Jo Davis had finally got the job as a radiologist and was happy with her job until a doctor found out that she was a lesbian. From that point on Mary Jo kept on getting harassed and every day and was also called a “faggot.”When Mary Jo started protesting about the harassment, nothing was done and she was later fired from her job. When MItchell was pulling out his keys to his van he got hit in the