Big Fat Liability Essay

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My arguments for and against the proposition that the food and restaurant industries should be held liable for the rise of obesity in the United States are these. The increase in competition between companies has prompted companies to give more for less. More processed food products have started carrying excess calories. Fast food is not addictive, you might like the food but your not going to have withdraws if you do not eat it like you would with cigarettes. And obesity could just result in overeating, sedentary lifestyle, or general predisposition.
I do not think that the food and restaurant industry should be held solely reliable for the rise of obesity. I think that the individual should hold most of the responsibility for the foods they chose to consume daily. If they are minor’s that are obese then maybe the parents should be held responsible because they provide the food that their kids eat. A way for the restaurants to not take fault for obesity is to advertise better. They can make more labels for the foods that are healthy and are not healthy and stress the importance of healthy eating as well. I personally do not believe restaurants should be held liable because if I gain weight I know that I should start eating better and not blame Chick Ful A because they serve fried chicken, I could simply not eat it.
If I were a manager at a food company I would take charge. First I would make sure that we are serving the right portions and not over serve. I would show the calories that go along with the food and portions, I