Essay about Big Five Personality Traits

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Personality, Attitudes, and Values Reflections

Personalities are the relatively stable feelings, thoughts, and behavioral patterns that people have. Behavior is jointly determined by the person and the situation. Personalities make people different from each other. If we can understand someone’s personality, we can get clues on how he or she might act in certain situations. Our personalities change and evolve from experiences that we have had. Our personalities are also determined by the attention you received as a child, the style of parenting that was used on you, and successes and failures you had in high school. Our personalities change over time. We become more organized and dependable and more emotionally stable in our twenties and thirties. There are 5 big personality traits: openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. Openness is being curious, intellectual, original, creative, and open to new ideas. Open people are highly motivated to learn new skills and are highly adaptable to change. They are also more likely to start their own business. Conscientiousness is being organized, systematic, punctual, achievement oriented, and dependable. Conscientious people can be predicted on how high their performance will be. They also are more likely to start their own business. Extraversion is being outgoing, talkative, sociable, and enjoying social situations. Extraverts tend to be more effective in jobs that involve sales since they like to talk. They also tend to be effective as managers and happier at work. Agreeableness is being affable, tolerant, sensitive, trusting, kind, and warm. Agreeable people are likeable and get along well with others. They are also less likely to get mad when people treat them unfairly. Neuroticism is being anxious, irritable, temperamental, and moody. Neurotic people have a tendency to have emotional adjustment problems and experience a number of problems at work. My scores for the personality quiz are: Introvert (22%), Sensing (50%), Feeling (38%), and Perceiving (11%). The test says that I am slightly more an introvert than an extrovert. I would say that is pretty accurate because I tend to keep to myself until I get to know someone and then I become a little more outgoing. The test also says that I am moderately more sensing than intuitive. This is very true because my intuition seems to never be right. The test then says that I am moderately more feeling over thinking. I think this is also very true because I almost always use my values and thoughts to make a decision. Lastly, the test says that I am slightly more perceiving than judging. I think this is also pretty accurate because I think I am open-minded. Overall, I would say that this personality quiz was very accurate. I am kind of surprised of how accurate it was. My first personality style is introvert. I think this describes me very well. I usually have to get to know someone before I will open up at all. I wouldn’t say that I am judgmental, but I do rely on my personal values to decide what is right and wrong. I will protect anything that I feel is important to me. My values and ideals do control my life to a certain point. I will sometimes go against my values if there is an important issue that I agree with. I would definitely agree that my deepest feelings are rarely expressed. I do think that I have become less of an introvert as I get older. My second personality trait is sensing. I think this is also pretty accurate to my personality. I am mostly open-minded except when it comes to a couple of subjects. I think I am flexible,…