Big Five Personality Traits and Team Essay

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1a) Stephan is the most conscientious of the group as he was chosen to be the planning expert due to his drive and determination to get the job done at hand even when working under pressure. When the group began to fall apart, he stays focus on his tasks and goals.
Arzu shows extraversion as she is not afraid to speak up and handle disagreements that came up within the group.
Agreeableness and conscientious are Isabel’s strongest personality dimensions. She is chosen due to her good-hearted nature and ability to cooperate with any task or complication that comes her way. She is able to bring the team back together after a minor issue, reminding the team what should be focused on. Furthermore, she works hard to make sure the wedding plans go smoothly by taking charge and planning meetings, taking notes, and sending out reminders. *sympathetic nature
Dae-Jung holds the group together with his emotional security. Because of his calming presence, he is able to lead the group and the bride in a positive direction. When problems arise, he is not afraid to step in and help stable everyone’s emotions. 1b) By having a diverse personality group, each team member is able to bring something different to the table. Each person is able to balance the work at hand in different ways, which create balance among the people on the team. Arzu is able to speak up in the group, handling disagreements, but in turn, Dae-Jung is able to keep the situation and team calm. Also, while Stephan is very driven and able to get any task done, Isabel keeps things organized and the team all on the same page with meetings, times, etc. 2) During the first stage, Forming, of the Five-Stage Theory of Group Development, the group kept to themselves and met with the bride and her family individually instead of as a collective group. Isabel seemed to have taken charge as the group leader by organizing meetings and taking notes. During this stage, the team found out about a relationship between Arzu and Stephan prior to this wedding. This began to cause the group to become dysfunctional and become distracted from the project at hand. The second stage, Storming, was where Isabel’s leadership was tested. Janie’s Bridal felt the internal issues were getting in the way of the