Big Game Hunting Persuasive Essay

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Argumentative Essay (Rough Draft)

Hunting is a great sport, but to an extent. Yes, the weekend deer hunting and killing

of a couple deers is alright, but the killing of many African animals such as Lions,

Rhinos, and Elephants from Big game hunting, which is driving some of these animals

to extinction and very few people can afford to do, just for trophies! Is not acceptable.

Big game trophy hunting should be illegal because it hurts the economy and it promotes

cruelty to animals. Although some people believe that big game trophy hunting is beneficial to the

economy, this is not true. It is a big business but only ‘The very rich can afford it.’

“Revenues from hunting generate $200 million annually in remote
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On the other hand, an economy booster that helps the economy is

Tourism, which actually does bring in more money than big game hunting,

therefore bettering the economy. “Tourism based on living animals brings in far more

money than hunting does.” This shows that tourists can better benefit the country

than big game trophy hunters. “The local economy in rural Namibia, for example,

may be better served by bus loads of tourists toting cameras instead of rifles. Another reason as to why big game hunting should be illegal is because

it promotes animal cruelty. “More than 400 lion trophies; more than 750 elephants;

are brought back into the U.S each year.” This shows that an over-abundance of

animals are being killed and brought into the U.S each year due to big game

hunting. As well as Inhumane suffering, “One of the more controversial aspects

of hunting is the prospect that an animal may be suffering from a long and

painful death. This leads to many protesting the idea of killing defenseless