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Big Pictures Questions

The material of this chapter does support this claim for numerous reasons. One reason is that if you look at thee Mughal Empire, you can definitely see this being applied Akbar the Great who was their leader at the time. You can see this experience of similarity by how he ruled. He imposed a policy of toleration, deliberated restraining the more militantly Islamic Ulama and removed Jinza which was the special tax. The experience of the empire was then based on his orders thus supporting this claim. Another example would be Russia. Russian authorities demanded an oath of allegiance at the time which included the demand of Yasak which was “tribute.” The conquered people or in this case the
Siberian were essentially forced into doing so, the reason why was due to their ruler. So in many causes this claim can be applied to the material in the chapter.


While thinking about the similarities and differences among the empires of the early modern era, there are many categories of comparison that can be useful.
The comparison that would be useful is either a religious comparison or a political comparison. For a religious comparison you can clearly see the difference between the Mogul and the Ottoman Empire. In the Mughal empire a vast majority practiced Hinduism, only 20 percent of the population were Muslims and in the Ottoman Empire they practiced Islam passionately. Thus is a distinct comparison regarding religion. Russia focused more on Christianity so they were different as well. As far as political the main idea would be the Sultan who in the
Ottoman empire was the supreme leader. The term and concept of a Sultanate was exclusive and only in the Ottoman Empire which other empires did not have a Sultanate. You can use various categories of comparison to show and emphasize the similarities and differences.


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