Bigfoot Stole My Wife Analysis

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Life is a treasured gift that should not be taken for granted. It is a constant rollercoaster that goes through highs and lows. Throughout life we experience reality intertwined with magic realism. In the three short stories, “Loser”, ‘the falling girl “and “bigfoot stole my wife” each represents important messages about life. The author assists the reader to learn these messages through stories of characters experiencing self wrongdoing upskill from their mistakes through magic components
“Loser’ by Aimee Bender, tells the story of a young man who’s parents died in his youth, that has a knack for finding lost things. It seems as if he acquired this ability in the aftermath of his parent’s tragic death on a beach. Typically the items
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The main character’s reaction to how his wife has disappeared, with the only “hint to her location being spilled Dr. Pepper”, shows his disconnect from the world. Examples of the wife's disappearance ,”one of these days i'm not going to be here when you get home” represents that it was not a kidnap like he said . The title , “bigfoot stole my wife“, helps convey the reality of the disappearance of his wife intertwined with the magic of the legendary creature Bigfoot. The magic represents the last hope. The story that he tells himself regarding Bigfoot being the culprit shows he is hiding behind the reality of self wrongdoing. The main character suggests this clear figment of his imagination, to help him cope. He is clearly avoiding responsibility for his lack of commitment to his relationship by invoking blame on something removed from reality. The backstory of his life ,landing in a town called mercy-which wasn't called that for no reason led him to think that because this happened why can't anything else.the author message is if you don't change your life accordingly to accommodate to the one you love you end up believing everything to fill in the missing …show more content…
Don't speed through time if the message because before you know it you're gonna be old and not remember the lasting memories . Marta the 19 year old girl looked over the roof of the skyscraper and began to fall . dawn Daylight, and night passes , when the falling girl finally lands on the sidewalk, appearing as an aged woman without any no resemblance to the young girl who started to fall. ”here we are,entertain us,is not the world ours” this snippet of the story is written as a symbol. The moral of the story is not rare however the official plot of the story is rare, proven through the sentence ,” flights of that kind were not rare in the skyscraper” which shows that for them it was a normal act. The characters mistake of falling was only proven at