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“Who is the greater warrior - Achilles or Beowulf?”

Both Achilles and Beowulf are considered heroes in one way or another.
Achilles is the main character in Homer’s book Iliad and Beowulf is the main character in Anglo-Saxon’s story Beowulf. In this essay I’m going to compare the heroes Achilles and Beowulf to show who’s the bigger hero. I personally think Beowulf was a bigger hero.
Three characteristics to an epic hero is: courage, fate of nations, and supernatural being. Both Achilles and Beowulf have courage, which all epic heroes have. They both affect fate of nations because if they didn’t, they would not have any significance, and if they didn’t have any significance, they would not have been written about. And lastly, they both have supernatural powers, which makes it more appealing to the reader.
Their differences probably come from the inequalities of the surroundings the authors lived in. These differences makes it more entertaining for the reader.

Beowulf is the bigger hero, and one example is that he left his home together with his men to fight for a kingdom he knew nothing about. He volunteered to kill the monster that no other man was able to kill - Grendel. Grendel was a big and ponderous monster that came uninvited and killed everyone in his sight - either ripped their head of with his whetted teeth or swallowed them whole.
Beowulf fighted Grendel without any weapons and won.
Achilles on the other hand only went to Troy was to enhance his own glory and fame. When the Greeks went to war against Troy, Achilles refused to fight for the Greeks. Instead he was watching the whole thing, waiting for the greeks to beg him for help.
As said, he did help the Greeks kill the strongest warrior of Troy - Hector. This would’ve never happened if Hector hadn’t killed Achilles’ best friend Patroclus.
In addition to this, his powers were given by the Gods.