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Tamar Jinkins
Mrs. Willis
Comp 101­7
25 September 2014
Biggest Lie
I have told many lies in my lifetime, but I cannot remember a specific time that I told a huge lie to someone in particular. One of the smaller lies that I have told was fairly recent. I had been over at a friend’s house and we got caught up in a really good television show called
The Dome.
I looked at my phone to read a text message and noticed it was almost eleven, which was when I was supposed to be home. I quickly gathered my things and left my friend’s house, hurrying to get home. My efforts would be pointless because I was roughly forty minutes away from home. I called my parents, pretending to be in panic mode, telling them that I had encountered a road that was closed for construction and I had gotten lost on the detour. My mom bought it, which made me a little calmer. I knew exactly where I was, but I told her I did not recognize anything around me. I drug the phone conversation on for about twenty minutes before
I told her I finally recognized a town up ahead. This town being Attica, I hurried home the rest of the way. When I got inside, I told them I had stopped for some food at McDonald’s so it took me a little longer. They probably would have been okay with my actual story, but I was terrified that they would get mad at me for being late, so I went to my “last resort” of lying. This story may bite me in the butt later, but at the time, it seemed like a