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1.1. Various elements of the marketing process ………………………………
1.2. Evaluating the benefits and costs of a marketing orientation for a selected organization
2.1. Show macro and micro environmental factors which influence marketing decision
2.2. Propose segmentation on criteria to be used for products in different markets
2.3. Choosing a targeting strategy for a selected market and services
2.4. How buyers’ behavior affects marketing activities in different buying situation
2.5. Proposing a new position for a selected products and services Conclusion References

Marketing is the management of customers satisfaction by fulfilling their requirements, build a relationship, trust, delivery of satisfactory services and mutual understanding. The American marketing association defines marketing “as the performance of business activities that direct the flow of goods and services from the producer to the consumer or user”. Marketing can also be described as creativity of awareness in the society of products and services existing in every daily activity. Radio, television internet, billboards, promotions and other means of publicity brings every new and re branded products nearer to us everywhere we are everyday.
Various element of marketing.
Situation analysis; is the analysis of a situation for identifying the opportunities to satisfy customer needs. It is the analysis of external factors which incorporates the study of competitors, customers, collaborators and climates affecting the goals of organizations.
Marketing strategy; is an element that develops the ability to satisfy unfulfilled customer and identify plans which can pursue opportunity to develop the market. Targeting market selection, product positioning added values into present and future market.
Implementation and control; markets are planned and developed to know the changes in consumer wants like brands,colours,durability and designs that satisfy customers’ needs.
Marketing mix decisions; is an analysis otherwise known as the 4P’s (price, place, production and promotion) this strategy is aimed at development of products, designs and unit manufacturing, distribution of contracts and promotional development of products and services.

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Cost and benefits of market orientation for organization
Marketing orientation is an organizational is the believe that success can be achieved through consumers satisfaction. There are different forms of orientation that can be implemented in orientating the market.
.Product orientation. Consumers believes in getting the value of their money, that is the reason the