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Big Fish Movie Review
Brielle Campbell
English 10

What would you say if you spent your whole life trying not to believe in something that was always true in the first place? In this film we meet a family united through tall tales and big dreams. Where a father and his son have ceased communicating because the son’s tired of being surrounded by his father’s fictional stories. Throughout the film the son searches for answers and understanding and is surprised when he finds truth in his father’s stories as his life draws to an end. I encourage everyone to watch the movie Big Fish because it is engaging, it encourages you to think and use your imagination, and finally it makes you appreciate life and family.
Big Fish is a great movie that catches your attention, hooks you to use your mind and pulls you to be thankful. To start, this movie is so captivating it is difficult to turn away from the screen. There are multiple elements that grab your attention for example; there are elements of war, action and car chases for those interested. Also there are calm, sweet and mysterious moments like when Edward sees a fish in the water that looks like a woman. Secondly, this film encourages you to use your imagination. The movie is told through stories of Edward’s life and at many moments you can use your imagination to create images in your mind, completing the story. Finally, it makes you appreciate your relatives more. Edward and his son had not spoken for years before he fell…