Biiloxi Blues Analysis

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-John Asamoah
Mrs. Mack 3rd period
Playwright Project

The title of my play write is Biloxi Blues. I read this book during March the 17th 2015
Biloxi blues is a very interesting read set in the period of world war two. The main established enemies are Germany and japan. The story follows are well established main character Eugene, alongside his new found companions. The novel starts in a cramped, hot train ride with our main character talking with the other drafted troops. This Is very crucial to the tone of the book, because the book is delightful vulgar. It is very macho based with all the characters being male. They are the stereotypical males who always think about women, money and more. This part of the play depicts the different archetypes in characters. With paragraphs of the main character breaking the fourth wall and talking directly to the audience about the said character before he is able to learn about it himself. This gives us a well-placed conceptual view of the plays tone, settings, and great character development, a brilliant and hooking start to the novel. Next we meet a character that makes the book what it is. The sergeant. We have all seen the lineup of buzzed cut white males screaming sir yes sir. This story is very simple to understand even with its obscured amount of characters and the different established traits,. The foundation of these characters are so well developed that the book flows perfectly. Any who we get to see what kind of person the sarg is and he is a very likeable and funny one at that. Giving the males a hard time and not only develops his character but the rest of the crews in just a matter of pages. After that came lunch. They ate and started to talk. I didn’t think the author could develop these characters better than he has already done in the first 30 pages but he wows me. Our main character Eugene asks the entire crew what they would do if they would die in a week. They all place a bet on it, 5 bucks each. We get to see deep character development in hilarious ways, for such a dark topic this book never has a shade of grey. After being threatened with a 15-mile run through the swamp, the crew talks more. The next day 1 of the characters wallets is stolen. We find out that is where the sarg who did it and it really is a crazy plot twist that the author undermines. Act 2 begins with a prostituinal ring. A new female character briefly interacting with the main character until intercourse is heavily implied. Later on the crew talks about they’re past girlfriends. The main character later falls for an intellectual brothel named daisy that goes off to marry a doctor in the end. An Iconic theme . The scene where Arnold says “if I would die, I would make the sarg give 200 pushups” in the end he did as a way for the sarg to pay him back. The story ends with more communication and its climax into the separation of the crew back to they’re homes.
Eugene – A man from the town of Biloxi, this is his 14 day in the military. The story is told in 3rd person but he is the one talking to the audience and giving his opinions. The story focuses on him and mainly him, he also gives us insight into the other characters. Eugene is also interested in the arts and writings is his passion. He said his goal was to “Teach myself discipline, love my virginity……”