Bike Shop Persuasive Speech

Words: 2010
Pages: 9

The most important tools for surviving winter on two wheels are things that money can't buy a stiff upper lip and a knack for being wryly evasive whenever asked, "Why the hell are you riding a bike in this weather?" Sadly though, no amount of witty elusiveness will help your bike, which faces all kinds of perils as the mercury falls and the fritters hit the roads. Unless you show it some care and attention, it will end up looking more than a little tatty come the spring. It doesn't have to be this way however, and caring for a bike through the cooler months needn't be a labor intensive affair. There's an Aladdin's cave of potions and products to be found in any decent bike shop which can help you and your steed stand strong against the elements. …show more content…
Looking like an adult, talking like an adult, yet not necessarily thinking or behaving like an adult could be because our inner child parts have a way of making themselves known. As children, many of us were traumatized by physical, emotional or sexual abuse by parents, other adults or siblings. We had no protection, no way of getting away, so we became fragmented into parts, which evolved to protect us, fight fires that were going on in our lives. Even children who lived with wonderful, nurturing parents may have been through events such as a fire, death of a beloved pet, or something else that was difficult to cope with, and parts were born to help in those events. These childhood parts never leave us, and are an integral part of our lives. It is important that we recognize them, accept them and embrace them. Our role is to be a nurturing parent to them and get to know what role they are playing in our lives. Before I became involved in a support group, Adults Molested as Children (AMAC) I knew I had a lot of "kid" in me, fun-loving and hamming it up. I didn't know I had several inner child parts that were and still are, wreaking havoc in my life in some areas. How? When I blame myself for something over which I have no control, feel ashamed or guilty, when I succumb to addictions, overeat just to comfort myself, feel the sting of rejection or fail at something (being fired from jobs), my inner parts are just trying to protect me from real or imagined danger. In the process of healing, I'm learning to accept all of my parts, giving them new jobs that are more appropriate in the present. Some parts are very young. They aren't capable of new jobs. They just need love, acceptance and assurance of their safety. It's important so that I can have better relationships with others, fulfill my higher potential and make better choices. Instead of baring my soul to therapists for years and years (I wasn't taking their advice anyway), I'm taking