Bike Trails Persuasive Essay

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Imagine that you are riding your bike and you got on the trail that goes through town. You stop and think that you never want to use this trail again because of the junk that is lying all over. Well, the world needs to know that people capitalize on tribulations and that they are actually beneficial to us, but it takes an abundance of money and resource to keep them clean and up to date.
In the world we live in today we have these great resources right in front of us, and yet we opt to not utilize them or even act like they don’t exist. These bike trails come with many great benefits to not only an individual but additionally a community whole. These bike trails are public and available for you to utilize whenever you want and you do virtually
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It is a great way for people to stay safe and have fun at the same time. Safety is a huge concern for parents these days because of temerarious, and clueless some people can be while driving on the roads. Along with being clueless while on the roads, citizens fail to see big picture of these trails in a community. “People tend to focus on the recreational or environmental aspects of trails and greenways, failing to see the big picture—the total package of benefits that a trail or greenway can provide to communities, including public health, economic and transportation benefits, and even the effect on community pride and identity.”(Rails to Trails). If people would realize the big picture of these trails and how to affect they truly can be, then there would not be an abundance of stories of bikers and runners going to the hospital. It would help with the overall health and well being a community as well. Not only do these trails have positive effects on those who utilize them, but it additionally can help out the local economy. As expressed in Rails to Trails article; “The economic effects of trails and greenways are sometimes readily apparent (as in the case of trailside