Bilingual Youth: Spanish In English-Speaking Societies

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Potowski, K., Rothman, J. (2011). Bilingual Youth: Spanish in English-speaking Societies. d8b442669e1267b08aafa0cd%40sessionmgr4001&hid=4108&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2Z%3d%3d#db=nlebk&AN=360233 The entire book would not be as helpful as just a few chapters; 1, 3 and 10. These chapters are the most helpful because they focus on the education in the United States and the children in the Bilingual programs. The chapters summarize the education of Bilingual students in the United States. The chapters then go on to discuss the programs around the world that have elite education for immersion students verses the bilingual students in the United States. I believe that the material is current to the field that I am researching and the research questions that I am answering. The time period that the research was done is appropriate to answer my research questions. The information found is one of the more recent information on the topic at hand.
Nieto, D. (2009). A brief history of Bilingual Education in the United States, Volume 6(Issue 1),
Page 61-72.
This article reflects on the history of bilingual education in the United States. The author analyzes the political impact that bilingualism had on the schools education and teachers. Along with the stress that politicians had on the school districts with bilingual instruction. This resource was very helpful in finding out more of the history behind bilingual education in the United States. The information was very reliable and un-bias to my research. This source was very helpful and I will be able use it in my research to answer the questions why does public education fail so many bilingual students.
Lanier, K. (1998, May 26). Bilingual programs that speak to all children. Christian Science
Bilingual programs are failing to teacher proper English to children that speak other languages as their first language. The two-way programs are taking advantage of the children in the programs and allowing them only one year in the programs before mainstreaming them to early. This resource was very helpful to all of my research. It gave a very different point of view to the topic. I would say this information is very reliable and I would use it again in similar research. Magazine and newspaper