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Gates is most famous for his work with Microsoft, the leading company in computer software. Gates dropped out of Harvard to pursue his vision of the company, and in 20 years he was a global business leader worth billions of dollars.
Bill Gates is an entrepreneur and philanthropist that changed the way people live their lives. Not only did he lead a technological revolution, but his charitable work has saved millions of lives across the globe. According to Forbes, he is currently the world’s second richest man, worth an estimated $65 billion. He has also given away $28 billion, and intends to donate the vast majority of his wealth to charity by the time he dies.

Bill Gates, business tycoon who provided his knowledge and applied different theories that have help shape the world as we know it. The Microsoft software is one of the most commonly used programs in computers to date. His success has varies different means to an end. The company is at its peak and his contributions to mankind cannot be overlooked
He created the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with his wife in 1997.So far, he has donated 28 billion dollars to philanthropic causes that include: better health care, vaccines, school grants, education. To date, the Foundation saved over one million lives with vaccines and better health care alone! In 2002, Bill and Melinda were named the most generous philanthropists in the world.
Bill also founded several schools based on hands-on knowledge and technology. He also has given many talks on education and constantly strives to make the public school system more effective and innovative. The Bill and Melinda Foundation has made large strides in education and offers billions of dollars in grants for schools across the U.S. Bill Gate's influence is widespread. He has led the technological industry of the 20th century. He currently holds the sixth position for the most powerful people in the world and the number one spot for the wealthiest. Along with many other awards and accolades, Bill Gates has been knighted by the Queen of England, called “the geek that changed the world” by BBC, and currently possesses a spot on the list for the 100 people who changed the 20th century on Times magazine. Not a bad for a college dropout.

Bill Gates The Life Of A Famous Person.

Bill Gates has changed the world by making Microsoft Office, advancing and improving software technology making it easier for anyone to use it.
Bill Gates and Microsoft.
Whilst studying at Harvard Bill Gates wrote a version of the programming language- Basic for the MITS.
Before his graduation in 1975 Bill Gates left Harvard to form Microsoft with his childhood friend Paul Allen. They planned to develop software for a new personal computer market that was about to emerge.
Bill Gates company Microsoft became famous for their computer systems and killer business deals. An example of this is when Bill Gates persuaded IBM to let Microsoft retain the licensing rights to MS-DOS an operating system, that IBM needed for their new personal computer which led to Bill Gates making a fortune. On Nov 10 1983 Bill Gates company Microsoft corporation announced the next generation operation system Microsoft Windows.

Time Line Of Achievement.
20 November 1985
Microsoft releases a graphical extension to its MS-DOS operating system. This is the first retail version of Windows.
February 1986
Microsoft moves to Redmond, Seattle. This is where the company's headquarters have been located ever since.
13 March 1986
Microsoft goes public. On the first day of trading, the share price rises from $21 to $28.
A young Texan called Melinda French joins Microsoft as a marketing manager. They later go on to Marry.
18 March 1988
Apple files a lawsuit against Microsoft, claiming that the "look and feel" of Windows is too similar to the Apple "graphical user interface". The legal battle is to last six years and Apple eventually loses.
Microsoft Office