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Adrian Garza
Professor Carter
History 1301
Sunday October 20, 2013 Bill of Rights As an American I have my own opinions towards the bill of rights. I cannot say I agree with all of the amendments but I can say they are there for a reason. I am going to share the most important amendments to the least important in my personal belief. The most important would have to be Freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is basically the basics of having a free society. It’s the foundation to all the other amendments. The next important would have to be the Fifth Amendment, Provisions concerning prosecution. The government can’t put people in prison at random; the only way they can go through with putting someone in prison would be through the legal process. Therefore my personal belongings wouldn’t be allowed to be taken away until I have gone through this process and declared guilty. The third most important to me would be the 6th amendment, right to speedy trial. This prevents the government form doing what they please and also prevents them from taking total control of the system. The 4th amendment is the next important. I love my home; I would not enjoy watching people going through my house and my personal belongings. With this amendment it prevents anyone going through my home unless upon probable cause. The next would be the right to trial by jury. It protects citizens of a lower class from those who have a privileged background. A civil trial by jury helps guard against the fortunate utilizing possible connections within the government to