Bill Rawlins: The Six Stages Of Friendship

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Bill Rawlins 6 stages of friendship are very accurate, when I think about my friend and me. The first stage of friendship is role limited interaction, when we first met in math class back in 6th grade year. I remember at first being very wary about letting him know personal information about myself. We hardly talked to each other and at times I thought he was a little strangle. He would always be playing on his phone and not listening to the teacher in that class. The non-verbal cues in stage one for us would have been just smiling when we saw one another in the hallways. The second stage of Rawlins is friendly relation, which occurred when we started talking at times about things we liked. For instance, we would talk about video games, sports …show more content…
Furthermore, the fourth stage nascent friendship occurred after some time, him and me began to hangout regularly after getting off of school. In this stage our friendship truly started to develop. He knew certain things about me other individuals didn’t know for instance, things in my family that occurred over the years. He also knew whenever I was upset because I wouldn’t talk, as much and I would isolate myself from conversations, which falls in non-verbal cues. In stage five stabilized friendship we started to depend on each other. This stage I believe was critical for instance he knew I would be there for him in many occasion and I knew he would too. We were able to open up to each other about anything at this point. After time we knew more non-verbal cues about one another for example, whenever he was anxious he would start biting his nails. In the other hand, he was able to identify whenever I was mad because of the tone of my voice and my gestures I would make. The sixth stage waning friendship started whenever we got out of high school. He began to drift away slowly due to him being in a relationship. His focus was entirely on her, which limited the time we could