The Last Song Essay

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I. Introduction

A. The issue I want to talk about is love, love can do so many things to someone. Love can make people do things, love can hurt people, love can change a person’s life, and love is definitely a social issue.

B. In the book “The Last Song”, there’s a lot of problems between love and relationships and it changed people and things in the story. There was death, breakups, jealousy, etc., this book was perfect example of love and relationship’s and what love does to you. The obvious theme of love is present in the relationship between Ronnie and Will. Both Ronnie and Will have had a difficult childhood, Will's marred by the death of his baby brother and Ronnie's by her parents' divorce. These two young adults search each other out and find kindred spirits in one another. They survive rumors, doubts, and the dislike of Will's mother for Ronnie.

C. Everyone has someone they love and care for, it can be their mom, their family, their boyfriend/girlfriend. Don’t hurt the people you love, anyone can die any minute, appreciate the people you have in your life, love them endlessly, because before you know it the can be gone.

II. Appreciate life

A. There are so many stories on the internet about lives being lost and people getting into fights before they died and they never get to say sorry or their last I love you.

B. "...I want you to know that I still believe in the gift of love. I want you to believe in it, too. You deserve that in your life, for nothing is more fulfilling than love itself"..
1. This was said to Ronnie because her dad wasn’t there for her, but tried to be because he knew what he had and needed to see the kids before he passed