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I miss everyone back at perth, everyday is a constant struggle; Gallipoli is nothing like back home. I think about Lucy and Connor everyday, please send them my love and remind them that this is the right thing for me to do so they can stop worrying. Fighting and defending my country is an honor, im glad i wasn't a coward and backed down, i hope Dad is proud of me and tell him his plan worked and they haven't found out I'm underage.

I wish i could tell you everything and go into detail but i cant; but what i can tell you is that the conditions here are horrendous. At the moment the weather is INCREDIBLY hot, its atrocious. In november when winter comes its freezing, theres rain, snow and floods which also leaded to sicknesses, frostbite, people drowning and dying.

My mates and I are surrounded by flies, lice, mosquitoes and rats, diseases are everywhere and very easy to get. The bad sanitation, led to so many flies that eating also became extremely difficult. Corpses are left in the open which then become bloated and stinky. One of the biggest killers here of the soldiers are the illnesses. There are so many people that die and no body has time to bury them so they are left in the open for flies to swarm and then spread bacteria into our food.

The lack of nutrition majorly impacts all of us when we are on the battlefield, the only thing i ate yesterday were 2 biscuits and some water. But i cant complain, my mate Eddie lived on 1 biscuit for 72+hours,