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Billy the Kid

William Henry McCarty Jr. A.k.a. Billy the Kid was a famous outlaw born in New York, New York on November 23rd 1859.
He was 5ft 8, was described to have a slim physique, sandy blond hair and blue eyes. His mother’s name was Catherine McCarty Antrim. His biological father is unknown but is thought to have been known as Patrick Henry McCarty, Michael McCarty or William Bonney. He also had a half brother named Joseph Antrim
In 1871 his mother has been diagnosed with tuberculosis as was told to move to a warmer climate. Billy, his mother and his brother moved to New Mexico in the 1870s. There she met William Antrim and married him, since there were now 2 Billy’s in the house his mother referred to him from his middle name, he was now called Henry McCarty Antrim.
The family moved to Silver City but his mother died on 16th September 1874. The father didn’t want the boys so he sent them to a foster home and left for Arizona. The kid is sson wrongly accused and arrested for stealing laundry. However, he escapes jail and runs away. Shortly after, he turns up in Clifton, Arizona, to find his step-father. Antrim doesn't take the boy in and the Kid is now on his own.
Billy works for a short time as a cook at the Hotel de Luna. Later on he'll meet a horse thief named John Mackie, who shows him there's an easier way to make a living. After months of stealing horses, the Kid and John Mackie are arrested and confined at Fort Grant. In Fort Grant, the Kid kills his first man, Frank "Windy" Cahill, a bully who attacked the Kid during an argument. The Kid then leaves Arizona and heads back to New Mexico.
In September 1877 The Kid joins Jesse Evans, the leader of “The Boys,” a gang of rustlers and killers. The Boys ride into Lincoln County but Billy has a falling out with the gang and is hired by John Tunstall, just in time to fight for the Englishman in a feud against the Dolan Company. So Billy rides along with Tunstall and his men, herding horses to Lincoln. The group is ambushed by Dolan and Sheriff Brady's men and Tunstall is killed. The Kid and the others escape.
Kid, Fred Waite and Constable Atanacio Martinez attempt to serve warrants for the men who murdered Tunstall, but they are disarmed and taken prisoner by Sheriff Brady. Martinez would be allowed to leave, but the Kid and Waite are kept prisoner. They would miss Tunstall's funeral. They are later are released from jail.
Dick Brewer, Tunstall's foreman, is appointed constable to bring in Tunstall's murderers. The Kid and several others are deputized. They called themselves "The Regulators”. The Regulators rightfully believed their prisoners would be released as soon as they are turned over to Sheriff Brady, and decided to take matters in their own hands. But Sheriff William Brady and Deputy George Hindman are killed.
The Kid, Middleton, and Brown are indicted for the murder of Sheriff Brady. They hide out at Chisum's Ranch. A 5 day battle at McSween's home in Lincoln takes place but Billy and the Regulators escape.
A man names Morris Bernstein is killed, the Kid was blamed.
In 4th September 1878 the current governor is replaced by Lew Wallace. Around the same time The Kid and his gang are in Texas to sell horses they had stolen from the Fritz ranch in Lincoln. In Tascosa, Texas, the Kid meets and becomes good friends with a young doctor named Henry Hoyt. The Kid would give him a fine sorrel horse once belonging to Sheriff Brady, and in return, Hoyt gave Billy the Kid a watch.
Governor Wallace issues a proclamation of amnesty for parties involved in the Lincoln County War. The Kid returns to Lincoln County and is tired of running, so he offers a parley with his enemies for peace. The Kid meets up with Evans in Lincoln to propose a truce. A peace treaty is formed and both sides forget their differences. Later that evening, the parties of men come across Susan McSween's attorney, Huston Chapman. While the Kid stood by watching uneasily, Evans and his men…