Essay Billing and Coding with Simulations: Study Guide

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Billing and Coding with Simulations

Week 2 Study Guide BC3030

Please review the following topics in preparation for your week 2 coursework.

Objectives for “Next Step” Chapter 9 (used in conjunction with the ICD-9-CM and CPT-4 code books)

• Objective 1

o Remember to use the main term in the index of the ICD-9-CM and the appropriate sub-terms for the best code options. Read the guidelines for specific information regarding additional coding and code sequencing.

o There may be multiple diagnosis for each patient.

• Objective 2

o Read and be familiar with the guidelines preceding the specific code range in the CPT-4 code book.

o Use the main term in the index of the CPT-4 code book and the appropriate sub-term for specific code range.

• Objective 3

o Chest tube can be used as a method of draining fluid (pg. 399)

o Residents work under the direction of a physician (pg. 373)

o Endoscopic procedures are reported based on the furthest extent (pg. 402)

o Review Respiratory System terminology

§ Pleural effusion (pg. 371)

§ Pharyngitis (pg. 372)

§ Nasal turbinates (pg. 398)

§ Ablation, Biopsy, Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty (pg. 398)

o Thoracentesis

o Endoscopies are procedures when a scope is place in the body. (pg. 401)

• Objective 4

o Review Common Terms

§ American Health Information Management Association (pg. 136)

§ Auditing (pg. 134)

§ Breach of confidentiality (pg. 147)

§ Code set (pg. 134)

§ Compliance officer (pg. 151)